Ultimate Jobs Plan

From $ 975.00

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Auto-publish your vacancies for a monthly flat-fee


You have a larger amount of exciting vacancies to publish and want to be constantly visible to potential candidates in the DevOps hiring market?

Maybe your company is in growth mode and you need to hire fast and often?

Then, the Ultimate Jobs Plan is your best option. It allows you to streamline your recruitment efforts and focus more on people instead of filling out forms.

This plan is based on a flat-fee subscription model. So it doesn't matter if you're publishing 5 job ads during one month and 15 the month after - the price is one fixed monthly fee. And the best thing is, everything runs fully automated for you.


Here are some other great advantages:

  • Relevant job ads get pulled from your ATS or career website and published on our platform automagically
  • Flat-fee pricing is possible for both, standard and featured job ads (+75% on standard flat-fee)
  • Get monthly reports and statistics about your ads published, viewed and clicked through
  • No additional setup costs or work to do on your side, everything is handled by us
  • Payments can be made in EUR, GBP or CHF, and processing through invoice/PO is also possible - please contact us via mail@devops-jobs.net before subscribing
  • We use Stripe as our payment processor and to handle subscription administration securely and efficiently
  • There are no strings attached and you can cancel any time.


And our answers to some frequently asked questions:

Who is this for exactly?

This is the perfect solution for mid-sized companies, recruiting agencies and fast growing venture-funded startups, or in general, those who publish an average of about 5 ~ 30 unique DevOps-related listings per month.

Are there any limitations?

Not really. Besides that our usual terms apply.

How will new job listings be published?

The best way is through a machine-readable feed in JSON or XML format that is being supplied by your website or ATS software. We already have implemented solutions like Greenhouse, Workable, Lever, Recruitee, and a few more. But we can basically grab listings from any publicly accessible resource or you might even send them regularly via email if you like or need to.

How often will listings be published?

We check for new listings once every 24h and put them online immediately.

What if I have some more questions or special needs?

Then don't hesitate and get in touch with us via mail@devops-jobs.net.


This is your auto-pilot solution to constantly increase your candidate pool with the talents you just haven't reached yet.


Start your subscription today and we'll set you up and get your DevOps job listing feed live within the next business day.

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Have questions or need help? Drop us a message at help@devops-jobs.net