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역할 및 책임

  • 업계 지식, 모범 사례, 아키텍팅 가이드 등을 활용하여 안정성, 기능 및 비용 효율성을 보장하는 데이터 관리 시스템을 설계/구현
  • 모델링 전략을 통한 데이터베이스 시스템 무결성 및 품질 보장
  • 성능, 용량 및 보안 등 데이터베이스 관련 문제점을 해결하기 위한 기술적 지원
  • 뛰어난 데이터 분석 플랫폼 구축을 위한 데이터 웨어하우스 디자인 및 관리 체계 마련

자격 요건

  • 충분한 대용량 데이터베이스 유지보수, 문제 해결, 성능 향상 경험
  • 숙련된 기술 검증 능력 및 어플리케이션 및 사업 요구 사항에 대한 이해도
  • 데이터베이스 관리를 용이하게 해주는 개발 능력
  • AWS 운영 환경에 친숙

핵심 자격요건

  • MySQL/Amazon Aurora MySQL/Oracle DBMS 개발, 운영 경력 5년 이상 
  • Django, Spring 등 ORM을 이용한 모델 관리 경험
  • Terraform, Ansible 등 IaC 경험이나 자동화 개발 능력
  • Elasticsearch, MongoDB, Amazon DynamoDB, or Redis 배경 지식
우대 사항
  • Google BigQuery, Airflow, or Kafka 등 빅데이터 기술을 활용한 Data warehouse/Data lake 설계 경험


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Founded in 2013, Sendbird is the leading user engagement platform trusted by modern digital apps like Reddit, Delivery Hero, Dream 11, Carousell, Teladoc, and Hinge . We allow any app (or Website) to quickly and easily embed rich real-time chat, voice, and video experiences into their app to building connections with users and between users. This could be connecting drivers and consumers in a timely fashion to reduce cancellations for a delivery app, helping buyers get their questions answered from sellers to increase transactions in a digital marketplace, or increasing engagement between users in an online community. The platform has over 150M MAUs from over 50 countries operating in industries ranging from marketplaces, ride sharing and online communities to gaming, live video streaming and healthcare.The company is headquartered in San Mateo, CA with additional offices in; New York, Seoul, London, Seoul, Singapore and Bengaluru and has raised over $220M from leading investors, including: ICONIQ Capital, STEADFAST Capital Ventures, Tiger Global Management, Shasta Ventures, Softbank Vision Fund 2, and Y Combinator.

To learn more, visit the company website:

The engineering team at Sendbird is solving the huge challenges building reliable, feature-rich, and scalable real-time conversational experiences across different platforms.

You can contribute to several products and features from Sendbird including the best real-time conversational platform that can serve massive numbers of users on top of a high degree of freedom to implement applications.

You will participate in managing databases and schemas for those world-class products. You are expected to learn and experience how to solve problems for our customers, and make it easy for developers to harness the power of real-time chat.


  • Design and implement large scale data management at a detailed level by applying industry knowledge, best practices, and architectural guidance to ensure the robustness, functionality, and cost efficiency of the system
  • Ensure data integrity and quality in databases based on suitable modeling strategies
  • Provide technical assistance to resolve database issues related to the performance, capacity, or security risks
  • Contribute to the data warehouse design and governance to implement an outstanding platform for data analysis in depth


  • Experienced in maintenance, troubleshooting, and improving the performance of large scale databases
  • Practiced to derive solutions from technical verifications and understandings of application logics/business requirements
  • Willing to provide administrative efficiency by development skills
  • Familiar with AWS Cloud environments


  • 5+ years of experience with MySQL/Amazon Aurora MySQL/Oracle DBMS technologies including administration and development
  • Ability to manage models via ORM such as Django or Spring
  • Experience of IaC or automation tools such as Terraform, Ansible
  • Knowledge with NoSQL technologies such as Elasticsearch, MongoDB, Amazon DynamoDB, or Redis
  • (Bonus points) Experience designing Data warehouse/Data lake with big data technologies such as Google BigQuery, Airflow, or Kafka

Finally, there is no such thing as a perfect candidate. Sendbird is a place where everyone can learn and grow. We encourage you to apply if this role excites you.

At Sendbird, one of our core values is Global Citizenship.  We respect, promote, and encourage diversity for equal employment opportunities.  We do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, marital status, age, national origin, ancestry, physical or mental disability, medical condition, pregnancy, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, veteran status, or any other status protected under federal state, or local law.

Job region(s): Asia/Pacific
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