Azure DevOps Engineer at Department of Labor

Boise, Idaho, United States

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Posted 3 weeks ago

CRI Advantage needs one experienced Azure DevOps Engineer to work with their Idaho team to help build/maintain the Idaho Unemployment Insurance (iUS) system. They will perform duties to manage existing CI/CD processes and assist the development team with environmental issues in Azure. They will manage the existing development environment, currently Azure Kubernetes Service, and assist the setup/maintenance of the production environment.

Resumes will be used for initial selection and should articulate the latest coding/development experience. Technical interviews will be used as needed to vet the candidates' skills.

Phone and/or web-based interviews will be accepted but the candidate will be expected to work on-premise as business processes return to normal.

The contractor will work on-site under the direction of the Idaho Department of Labor (IDOL) project manager/team lead and maintain the cloud environment as directed. Contractor will attend daily project scrum(s). Design and peer reviews will be used to ensure work is of appropriate quality and quantity.

Specific Skills Required (Programming languages, databases, operating systems, etc.)


Required knowledge of and at least two years recent experience with:

  • Git
  • Azure DevOps (builds/releases/deployments/virtual machines/key vault/hosting/networking/policies/dns)
  • OpenAPI (Swagger)
  • Package management tooling
  • Azure Kubernetes Service
  • Helm
  • Docker
  • Resource monitoring
  • Prometheus
  • Identity Server 4 (claims/grants/tokens)
  • Documenting technical systems
Successful candidates will be experienced developers who have strong, current skills in these development technologies and the ability to be productive using these tools immediately.
Job tags: Azure CD CI Docker Git Kubernetes Prometheus Vault