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Posted 1 month ago

역할 및 책임

  • 실시간 메시지 서비스의 안정적인 운영을 위한 기술적인 노력
  • 서비스 장애 원인 분석 및 재발 방지 대책 수립
  • 시스템 상태 모니터링 시스템 구축
  • 서비스 성능 측정 및 향상
  • 서비스 운영을 원활히 하는 자동화 시스템 및 각종 도구 개발

핵심 자격요건

  • Python, Java, Kotlin, Go, C++ 등 서버 사이드 프로그래밍 언어의 활용 능력
  • 멀티스레딩 및 분산 아키텍처에 대한 이해
  • Unix/Linux 시스템 이해
  • RDBMS, NoSQL 및 분산 데이터베이스 이해
  • 자신의 생각을 논리적으로 제시하고 설득할 수 있는 능력
  • 독립적으로 일을 진행하고 결과를 만들어 내는 능력
  • 문제점에 대한 근본 원인을 찾는 추론 능력
  • 시스템 장애 원인 분석 및 개선을 꾸준히 해낼 수 있는 능력

우대 사항

  • SRE 역할로 2년 이상의 실무 경험
  • 실시간 챗/메시지 시스템 개발 및 운영 경험
  • 대량 동시 접속/트래픽 처리 경험
  • AWS, GCP, Azure 등 클라우드 서비스 상에서의 서비스 운영 경험
  • 서버 가상화, 글로벌 인프라, 부하 분산 및 대량 데이터 트래픽 처리에 대한 이해 및 경험
  The engineering team at Sendbird is solving some of the biggest challenges related to building reliable, feature-rich, and scalable real-time conversational experiences across different platforms.   The challenges range from building a platform that can scale to some of the largest user-bases across distributed environments with optimal latency; creating a feature-rich yet lightweight and high performance client-side SDK; and building products and services that can help customers incorporate real-time conversational technologies more rapidly.   You will be participating in building the best real-time conversational products and solutions possible. You are expected to learn and expand on your engineering knowledge and experiences to build a world-class product that solves the difficult problems of our customers, and make it as easy as possible for them to harness the power of real-time chat.  

Roles & Responsibilities

  • Technical efforts to ensure reliable operation of real-time message services
  • Analyzing the causes of service failures and establishing measures to prevent recurrence
  • System Health Monitoring System Implementation
  • Measure and improve service performance
  • Development of automated systems and tools to facilitate service operations

Key Qualifications

  • Ability to leverage server-side programming languages such as Python, Java, Kotlin, Go, C++, etc.
  • Understanding Multi-Threading and Distributed Architecture
  • Understanding Unix/Linux Systems
  • Understanding RDBMS, NoSQL, and Distributed Databases
  • The ability to present and persuade one's thoughts logically
  • The ability to work independently and produce results
  • Inference ability to find the root cause of a problem
  • Ability to consistently analyze and improve system failure causes

Bonus Points

  • Experience working on real-time chat/messaging system
  • Experience handling massive concurrent connections and processing large-scale traffic
  • Understanding of Unix/Linux systems
  • Understanding of Python, Java, and Event-Driven Frameworks
  • Understanding of TCP/IP and network programming
  • Understanding of RDBMS, NoSQL and distributed databases
  • Understanding of server virtualization, global infrastructures, load balancing, and handling massive data traffic
  • Awards from programming competitions (e.g., ACM ICPC, IOI, etc.)

Finally, there is no such thing as a perfect candidate. Sendbird is a place where everyone can learn and grow. We encourage you to apply if this role excites you.

At Sendbird, one of our core values is Global Citizenship.  We respect, promote, and encourage diversity for equal employment opportunities.  We do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, marital status, age, national origin, ancestry, physical or mental disability, medical condition, pregnancy, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, veteran status, or any other status protected under federal state, or local law.

Job tags: AWS Azure C GCP Go High performance Java Linux Load Balancing Python Unix Virtualization
Job region(s): Asia/Pacific
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