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Posted 1 month ago

Coder is a Series B startup that simplifies development environments for teams. We are building a future where developers are always in flow, no matter the scale of their codebase. Coder is a remote-first company with a home base in Austin, TX. We operate with a focus on knowledge sharing, iteration, and minimalist solutions. 
We’re looking for a DevOps Engineer to improve engineering velocity and manage shared infrastructure. This role involves maintaining our monorepo, CI/CD and testing infrastructure.
This position is great for someone who Is obsessed with automation, can communicate clearly with a variety of stakeholders (dev teams), and has a broad, deep understanding of the Developer Tools space. If this sounds like you please apply and share links to your work and/or resume!

You will:

  • Diagnose and resolve internal development bottlenecks
  • Reduce CI times
  • Increase deployment intervals
  • Automate away non-creative aspects of an Engineer’s role
  • Ensure the monorepo scales with our dev team
  • Ensure shared dev tools balance the needs of each dev team

You may be a fit for this role if you:

  • 2+ years of experience in DevOps or Software Engineering role
  • 2+ years of experience actively programming

Bonus Points:

  • Worked at a high growth startup before
  • Worked with a monorepo before
  • Spent a significant amount on CI and build systems

If you do not meet the above criteria, but still believe that you can deliver results, please write a brief description detailing how you intend to do that.
What Makes Coder Different?Coder is an engineering-first organization. Our product is built by engineers, for engineers. We’re committed to building an organization and product optimized for engineering happiness. You can expect a fast-paced workflow and minimal meetings. Our basic requirements for employment are:- A passion for your craft- A desire to be successful Core Values
Humanity:Humanity is the ability to make your peers and partners happy to work with you. This includes being social and open with your coworkers and building deep trusts. In a remote company you don't get this for free, you have to intentionally work for it.
Efficiency:Efficiency is the tendency to optimize your time:output. It is linked with workflow-obsession and maximal utilization of tools. Feedback:Feedback is the tendency to seek external validation. That means measuring over assuming. This is linked with reduced cycle times and iterative approaches.

Job tags: CD CI