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Posted 3 weeks ago

Our Mission:

In 2018, immigrants worldwide sent over $600 billion home to family and friends, dwarfing foreign governmental aid. In the age of cheap, quick transfers through services like Paypal and Venmo, these people are trekking to stores to pay fees averaging over 7% for transfers that typically take 24 hours or more.

Sendwave's mission is to change that by making sending money anywhere in the world easy and affordable. Since 2014, our app has allowed Africans in the US, the UK, and Canada to send money instantly to mobile money wallets in Kenya, Uganda, Ghana, Tanzania, and Nigeria saving our users over 70% relative to Western Union and MoneyGram.

We want to help a lot more people save money, but need to support our various engineering teams to help achieve that growth. That’s where you come in...

How you’ll help us achieve it:

We’re looking for an experienced engineer that has a lot of experience building secure and scalable infrastructure on a major cloud provider (AWS or GCP) and are excited at the prospect of enabling our other engineering teams to deliver faster by allowing them to focus on our customers rather than managing a ton of infrastructure.

Engineering at Sendwave has stayed small throughout the company’s growth and we’ve been able to sustainably work in a simple, monolithic backend. We’re getting ready to tackle more challenges more quickly— simultaneously launching multiple new markets and reinvesting in our user facing product. To achieve this we will be growing our engineering team and splitting our monolithic backend into smaller, focused services. That will likely mean incrementally moving off of our Heroku backend to another cloud provider. We already do quite a bit of analytical work in AWS but have a lot of work left to do to really take advantage of the service offerings that are now available on the various cloud providers.

You will work with our various engineering and product team members to asses their infrastructure needs and help implement solutions collaboratively. Your experience will play a key role in helping us through our next growth phase by helping us decide which cloud provider to invest in and what services we select.

The Engineering Team:

  • Engineering at Sendwave currently consists of about 10 engineers split across a few teams:
    • Product engineering which supports mobile and backend development
    • Delivery which supports our partner integrations and ensure money reaches recipients quickly
    • Finance which supports our book keeping and financial reporting
    • Risk which fights fraud and helps with some of our compliance needs
  • We plan on hiring a number of engineers and further splitting the teams. We’ve delayed the need for infrastructure and DevOps support by maintaining a simple architecture, but we recognize that we will need to adjust as we grow. You’ll start out supporting the Risk Team which has special data processing needs but will likely support other teams once the initial stack is setup.

On any given day, you may:

  • Implement infrastructure automation through a CI/CD pipeline in github to enable team members to make changes to cloud infrastructure through a PR.
  • Implement secure networking between our Heroku Private Space environment and a new VPC.
  • Integrate securely with our partners.
  • Establish default choices for logging, metrics collection/publishing, docker registries and package management. Ideally, we will be moving toward Kubernetes for application hosting, so making new service creation as frictionless as possible for the engineering teams will be one of your metrics for success.
  • Help teams ship their own services and teaching them how to publish logs, metrics and instrument their services to maximize observability and (hopefully!) minimize downtime.
  • Establish pager escalations and tracking defect metrics. We expect you to help us quite maintain our high reliability even as we move toward a more complex operational architecture.
  • Building better DevOps tooling (chat bots, capturing team level metrics and generally improving the developer experience)
  • Pitch in on any coding tasks that come up across the teams.


  • 4+ years of professional experience in a high-growth, rapidly changing environment or 6+ years of professional software engineering experience in any environment.
  • Solid understanding of at least a couple of the following key cloud platforms or technologies:
    • Docker and how to use it effectively.
    • Deep experience of AWS, GCP or Azure (common patterns and specific services). Solid understanding of VPC setup and API gateway patterns is a bonus
    • Infrastructure as Code tools such as Terraform, Ansible or even AWS CFTs/Google Cloud Deployment Manager. Ideally you’ve provisioned production environments with one of these tools.
    • Kubernetes including network meshes, rbac, secrets and flexible config management.
  • Solid programming chops (we always test for this)! Python is our preferred language on the backend but we expect any seasoned engineer to be able to pick it up quickly.
  • Most of the requirements above imply an ideal infrastructure deployment but we bias toward shipping things early and often. You’ll need to be comfortable with working toward the ideal end-state incrementally and making trade-offs along the way.

Bonus Points:

  • Have been part of a rapidly growing engineering organization and have experienced (and hopefully helped to solve!) the challenges that come with growth
  • Have solid DevOps experience and are comfortable with sharing that knowledge with the team.
  • Have decomposed a monolith and/or supported a Heroku migration before.

Key details

  • Our company is 100% remote. We are able to employ people based in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Belgium, and Senegal.
  • This is a permanent position
  • Major benefits:
    • Subsidized health insurance and retirement contribution matching (both vary from country-to-country)
    • 26 weeks fully paid parental leave and subsidized fertility assistance
    • Unlimited vacation with a 20-day minimum requirement
    • $10,000 annual charitable donation matching

You might be a good fit if you

  • Are able to look at a technical system and envision how it could be more reliable and easier to make changes to
  • Are excited about being a leader in an engineering org, but don’t necessarily want to be a manager
  • Are passionate about achieving Sendwave's mission and are excited at the prospect of lowering remittance costs for diaspora communities.

Our team

  • Our team of 40-odd engineers, finance & compliance professionals, marketers, & people ops professionals as well as nearly 70 customer support personnel are fully distributed across North America, Europe, and Africa — working from coffee shops, homes, and coworking spaces — making us one of the larger fully distributed growth-stage startups in the world.
  • Each quarter, we go on a five-day retreat together. In 2019, we've been to San Juan, PR (USA), Dakar (Senegal), Montreal, QC (Canada) and Estes Park, CO (USA).
  • We play in bands, teach dance classes, run Vipassana retreats, played semi-pro basketball, and built tools to help Doctors Without Borders respond to the Ebola crisis.
  • We collectively speak over twenty languages, including Akuapem, Amharic, Ewe, Fante, Ga, Igbo, Kalenjin, Luganda, Oromo, Somali, Swahili and Wolof.
  • We're backed by world-class investors including Khosla Ventures, Founders Fund, Y Combinator and the cofounders of PayPal.


How to apply

Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis. If interested, please submit your resume & cover letter describing your interest in Sendwave below. Please also indicate the countries in which you have work authorization.


Confidence can sometimes hold us back from applying for a job. But we'll let you in on a secret: there's no such thing as a 'perfect' candidate. Wave is a place where everyone can thrive. So however you identify and whatever background you bring with you, please apply if this is a role that would make you excited to wake up everyday.

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