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COMPANYToyota Research Institute - Advanced Development (TRI-AD) was established in March 2018 as a $2.8 billion joint venture between Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC), Aisin Seiki Co., Ltd. (Aisin), and Denso Corporation (Denso) to develop fully-integrated, production-quality software and automated driving technology.  TRI-AD is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan and aims to create a smooth software pipeline from research-to-commercialization, and strengthen the collaboration within the Toyota Group in the domains of research and advanced development.  The core mission of TRI-AD is to become a world-class software and technology company and to build the safest mobility in the world.  Attracting top talent internationally, TRI-AD has adopted English as its official language in order to facilitate collaboration and partnerships globally.
TEAMTRI-AD Robotics Group conducts research and development of home robotics, which was newly established in 2020.In order to create the core competencies in the next-generation business of home robots, we are seeking talents who will take on challenges together.We have two mission statement:  1. To make prototypes of products in the home domain using existing technologies 2. To extend capabilities of robots through R&D based on the long-term perspective
Our core members have been involved in the development of humanoid robots or mobile manipulation robot “HSR” at Toyota Motor Corporation for several years. We have a number of mid-career members and people who have work experiences overseas. We aim to cultivate a new culture and be open minded.We also work closely with Toyota Research Institute in the USA and we have a lot of exchanges with the R&D teams at these locations, in an international environment.
WHO ARE WE LOOKING FOR?We will use the cloud platform (mainly AWS) to build a scalable infrastructure system for home robots. Initially, we will start with basic infrastructure development, such as CI and log collection systems. Then we expect to develop cloud robotics platforms for home robots.


  • Construct a system for continuous integration and deployment for robots
  • Building a foundation of robot simulation on a cloud
  • Building a machine learning pipeline
  • Establishment of a log collection and monitoring system from multiple robots
  • Planning and implementation of cloud robotics platform


  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or related field
  • Software development experience in C++ or Python
  • Experience in building data collection & management system with cloud infrastructure
  • Understanding CI pipelines and related tools
  • Business-level English skills


  • Experiences in ROS(1 or 2)Contributions to open source projects
  • Experience in building the entire DevOps system
  • Experience in developing cloud robotics system
  • Experience in developing a real-time streaming pipeline
  • JavaScript(TypeScript) skills
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Job tags: AWS C CI JavaScript Open source Python Streaming