22222 Labs is hiring a

Senior Software Engineer

London, United Kingdom
Join The Ride  🚀

This ride is a unique opportunity to be part of the core founding team of 22222 Labs. 

Currently the team has over 20 years experience in building, scaling and exiting businesses with 2 IPO's and 5 multi-million exits. Combining visionary product skills, growth, marketing and commercial acumen.

The goal is to bring a range of products to market.

Working on the 90/10 rule, we should expect 9 out of our 10 product ideas to fail and 1 to succeed. 

If we beat the odds, then kudos to us.

As a team we will ideate, build, launch, test, evaluate (with real metrics not vanity ones) and double down on the ideas that the market validates. Our goal will be to reach product marker fit or fail as fast as possible.

We will call upon our collective experience, knowledge and pain points - combine it with trends and data across markets like healthcare, eCommerce, social and B2B/SaaS. 

For the ideas that reach product market fit we’ll double down our efforts with a view to either scale fast and/or build and exit within a 3-5 year timeline.

🦄 Should we catch a unicorn that’s going to make a dent in the world, we build for longer 🦄. 

As the Chief Sofrware Engineer you’ll take the sole lead and be fully responsible for:-

  • Defining and planning each product technical build
  • Defining the tech stack that fits each product requirement
  • Get each product to market in record time
  • Designing and Building API’s 
  • Scaling up or down a team as required 
  • Creatively select tools that keep our costs down
  • Actively code, deploy and run DevOps
  • Working with product and data to ensure accurate data and analysts
  • Lead all technical aspects of the products we bring to market
  • Be the technical rock for the team
Are we the right fit? 😎

Life is short, we believe in working with people you respect, enjoy spending time and share common values with. As it's a two way street, here are some key points to ensure we are a great fit.

We’ll enjoy working together if :-
  • You are comfortable in startup environments
  • You’ve been involved in building and exiting startup(s) (0-1 not 1-x)
  • You’ve f**ked up and learnt from your mistakes
  • You're obsessive about user experience
  • You believe in full stack development
  • You’re interested in everything related to technology
  • You had life struggles and overcame them
  • You're keen on exploring new tools to speed up development process 
  • You’re into AI/ML (not the hype train but real valuable application), data, fast frameworks and general tech advances. 
  • You don’t want to re-invent the wheel
  • You’re into well engineered functional products
  • You’re focused on finding solutions to problems
  • Listen and think deeply before saying something can’t be done
  • You love shipping great product fast 
  • You have a history of never giving up 
  • You are creativite
  • You have a keen interest in both hardware and software 
  • You have a growth mindset
  • You are loyal
  • You want to win
  • You value real equity and upside in what you help create and build
It’s NOT going to work If 🤬:-
  • You’re a consultant or IT specialist
  • You've only worked for larger companies or startups from 1-x (not 0-1)
  • You like the rat race and corporate environments
  • Certainty (spoiler alert, it doesn’t exist)
  • You’re looking for a structured and rigid working environment
  • You like endless meetings where nothing is achieved
  • You believe one tech stack solves all problems
  • You don’t like change or don’t adapt quickly
  • You don’t like solving big challaneges (lazy is ok as long as it achieves same result) 
  • You give up easily
  • You want to ship sh**ty MVP’s
  • You are problem not solution focused
  • You haven’t worked in a hectic environment
  • You feel coding and shipping product is above you (either due to you leading a team or being out of touch / on your high horse 🎠) 
  • You need a large team to deliver anything 
  • You think tech companies should be unprofitable or you don't care
  • You're looking for high pay with no valuable equity
What’s in it for you? 

22222 Labs is currently funded by the current team and we have no plans to raise investment (perhaps for fast growth when our products reach market fit. We want to control our destiny and only be answerable to ourselves not bad invesmtnt/VC terms.

We have allocated funds for the core team but more importantly each member will have significant equity in all products we ship, meaning we all have skin in the game and our time is invested well.

Whilst we don’t fully believe in work-life balance, we do believe in flexible ways of working. 

We owe it to the team to all remain fresh, focused and creative when in beast mode. Once we’ve hit home runs, we all take some down time, rest and re-energise. 

Working remote is cool as long as it’s combined with regular face to face working sessions, so we don’t loose the incredible gift of human interaction that we’ve all been given. 

Will it be easy? 


Will it be fun? 


Will we all grow and learn? 


Let's Make it happen

If this is your kinda thing, send us something to break the ice and let's chat (CV’s and cover letters will be ignored):- 

(Hint: this can be code, a product you want to build or one you’ve built, a passion or even a photo/video.) 

Discord: https://discord.gg/r434ZdUJE9
Slack: https://join.slack.com/t/222222labs/shared_invite/zt-1pjaf7tr9-UqVJCNU~G4oE1_WjBxhsow

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