SymOps is hiring a

Founding Marketer

What Sym does

Sym helps developers build access flows for their infrastructure resources using code. The Sym SDK makes it easy to create workflows for things like temporary access to an S3 bucket or  moving a user between Okta groups, which you can then expose in a Slack UI for your team members to use right in their existing channels. LaunchDarkly, Jellyfish, and others use Sym to save time (no more “quick console login” mornings) and make their organizations more secure.

We’ve raised $12M led by Amplify Partners, Uncork Capital, and Mango Capital along with support from an amazing group of angels.

Why We’re Hiring a Marketer

Sym has a few early customers and design partners – we’ve got a product people love, but we need to get it out there more (a lot more). Almost every developer out there has worked with some degree of infrastructure access control, but very few are aware of Sym. The goal of this role is to change that. We built something customers love and we need to welcome a partner to help us drive the next stage of growth.

Is This Role for You?

We’re looking for someone with product marketing and growth marketing chops to complement the skills of our leadership team. This role could be perfect for you if you …
  • Are excited to work at an early stage startup
  • Love developer tools and have a deep understanding of the developer audience
  • Feel comfortable designing marketing programs as well as executing them
  • Have experience experimenting with channels and measuring performance
  • Can learn technical topics quickly and clearly communicate complex technical concepts
  • Have expertise in SEO
Sym is a small startup, and you’ll be the first dedicated marketing hire. The ideal candidate will probably have some early stage experience and be excited at the idea of carving their own path as the company grows.

What you’ll be doing

We need to drive customers to our free trials and we need your help to develop and execute our customer acquisition strategy. Areas of focus in your first few months will probably include:
  • Assuming ownership of content strategy include our blog
  • Developing and scaling core messaging
  • Iterating on website as key part of our PLG strategy
  • Experimenting with different advertising and syndication channels
  • Improving our SEO strategy
Our primary customer persona is an infrastructure engineer who is trying to balance keeping their company safe with keeping engineers productive. This is the person we’ll be thinking about for almost all of our marketing activities.

What You’ll Have to Work With

When we began our current content push six months ago, we set out to create blog posts that were genuinely valuable and interesting to our persona. By many metrics, we’ve succeeded. Our posts have been featured in over a dozen newsletters like PyCoder’s Weekly and tl;dr sec, picked up by the AWS Machine Learning blog, had a post featured in a recent The Real Python Podcast and retweeted by several influencers like Jeff Barr. But this is just the start! We want to build Sym as the company people think about when they think about access control and IAM, and to do that, we need to consistently be publishing the best content around. The successful candidate will have a deep bench of technical writing talent and a quickly growing brand to work with.

About the team
We're a diverse and geographically distributed team that loves working directly with our customers, collaborating with each other on tough technical problems. We care deeply about building a workforce and culture that looks like the world around us,  inclusive and equitable for people of all backgrounds and experiences. Because of this, we particularly encourage people from communities that tend to be underrepresented to apply, including women, people of color, and LGBTQ people. Check out our blog post about our recent offsite for a window into the culture of the company.
We want you to know that you can be a great candidate even if you don't perfectly fit the mold we describe above! If that's you, please don't hesitate to apply and tell us about yourself.

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