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DevOps Manager

About CERE:
Cere Network is the world's first decentralized data protocol powering the future of web3 applications with trustless content delivery/streaming capabilities and decentralized data cloud solutions optimized to power interactions between users, (NFT) assets, and applications. Cere is backed by the world's largest institutions and projects, including Binance Labs, Republic Labs, and Polygon.

What do we look for?
We look for a few things across all hires we make at Cere, regardless of role or team. First, we look for signals that a candidate will thrive in our fast-paced work environment, where we default to quick iterations, critical thinking, and sound judgments because we play only to succeed. Second, we seek people with the desire to share their expertise and the capacity to extend their knowledge to drive innovation. Finally, we seek candidates who can commit to a greater goal; unite as a team to reach something no one could have done on their own.

 About the Role:
We are seeking a talented and experienced DevOps Manager to lead our team responsible for developing, deploying, and managing our software applications and infrastructure. The successful candidate will have strong leadership skills, excellent communication abilities, and extensive knowledge of software development and operations.

- Lead and manage a team of DevOps engineers responsible for deploying, configuring, and managing software applications and infrastructure.
- Be responsible for your team's OKRs via Cere's internal execution approach and be the main point of communication between DevOps and the CEO.
- Develop and implement DevOps processes and practices to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the software development lifecycle.
- Collaborate with development teams to ensure the seamless integration of software applications and infrastructure into production environments.
- Develop and maintain metrics and KPIs to measure the performance and effectiveness of the DevOps team.
- Manage and monitor cloud infrastructure, including provisioning, monitoring, and scaling resources.
- Develop and maintain disaster recovery and business continuity plans.
- Work with security teams to ensure compliance with security policies and standards.
- Evaluate new technologies and tools to improve DevOps processes and practices.
- Provide technical leadership and guidance to the DevOps team.
- Minimise bottlenecks and automate repetitive tasks.
- Mentor new members of the team.
- Work collaboratively across team boundaries to share standard capabilities.

- Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Information Technology, or related field.
- At least 2 years of experience in a managerial role.
- At least 5 years of experience in DevOps or related fields.
- Extensive knowledge of software development methodologies, tools, and processes.
- Strong understanding of cloud infrastructure and related technologies (AWS, Azure, Google Cloud).
- Strong experience with the AWS Cloud platform (EC2, EKS, ECR, Route53, RDS, etc.)
- Proficient knowledge of networking and hybrid cloud concepts.
- Heavy automation domain knowledge and experience with IaaC tools (Terraform, Terragrunt)Experience with containerization technologies such as Docker and Kubernetes.
- Good experience with monitoring tools (Grafana, Prometheus, Sentry, etc.) and services (Datadog, Newrelic, etc.)
- Experience in scripting (Bash, Python, Go)
- Excellent leadership and communication skills.
- Strong analytical and problem-solving skills.
- Ability to work collaboratively with cross-functional teams.

Nice to have:
- Experience with Web 3.0 technologies and concepts such as blockchains, digital assets, Dapps, and/or Cryptocurrency.
- Experience coaching team members and helping them resolve issues.
- Experience managing and growing relationships with cross-functional teams internally and externally.
- Experience building and scaling go-to-market programs across many external partners.
- Ability to handle multiple competing priorities in a fast-paced environment.

Our perks:
You'll join a fantastic multinational team gathered by Silicon Valley veterans with 50 years of experience from Amazon, Twitch, D-Link, and Bebo. We have a supportive culture that cares about both excellent work and work-life balance. You will begin by learning from the experiences of our current team. Our Lead Engineers and HR managers will assist you with the onboarding process and work with you every step of the way. 

Financial Employee Incentives:
Team members will get multiple financial incentives with the CERE token fueling our ecosystem. Together as a team, we work for one goal: 100 million blockchain users.

Multinational, High-Performance Team:
Join a highly multicultural team that is based all over the world. We have offices in San Francisco, New York, Amsterdam, Berlin, and several locations in Asia.

Be flexible in your work:
Morning person? Or a night owl? At Cere, you can plan your work accordingly. Take control of your agenda and plan your work around your life, not the other way around.

Highly Skilled Team:
Ever wondered what it is like to work with a team full of Silicon Valley veterans? At Cere, you can work with the brightest minds in the industry whether that's our crypto-savvy marketers, creative HR wizards, or excellent developers. 

Work equipment:
To perform at your highest level, you will need the right equipment. Cere has multiple policies to make your WFH office a paradise or pimp up your desk in one of our offices. You decide. 

Keep learning:
In the ever-changing world that is blockchain, we need our employees to stay up-to-date with the latest developments. Cere helps you with multiple deep dives, presentations, trips, and other events to increase your knowledge.

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